Chelsea Ziegenhagen
Wife, mother, interior designer & decorator, avid reader, and enjoyer of beautiful views.

I am very proud of what Max and I have accomplished. 

We've worked hard and sought to understand the design side of the therapy business and why it matters. 

I have also been thrilled to be a part of the success of North Family Counseling. That's Max's private practice here in Colorado Springs. Through it I have honed my skills as a decorator and designer, and absolutely love what I do. 

I have always been the kind of person to do things well. Kind of a perfectionist actually! So I f I was  going to be a part of owning a business, than we were going to do it right. 

What we found out pretty quickly is that everyone seemed to have a different idea of what doing it right meant. So we decided to figure it out as we went. Not my typical way of doing things! 

It took awhile to convince Max how important it was to have his office look and feel a certain way. In fact, it seemed like this was not very important to most people in the field. 

"Sure, down the road maybe a beautiful, well furnished office would be nice, but I just have to get things up and running at the moment and I don't want to waste money on the finer things." - Said Many A Counselor

Well, I had other plans! I thought that if the office looked like what clients were seeking, then they would be more likely to stay, tell others to come, and market for us. 

And I was right! 

Sure, there was a fee upfront to get the office furnished, but that has been made back exponentially. 

Clients routinely comment on how great it feels to be in the office. People love to sit and talk in beautiful spaces. That's often where the best conversations take place. Why should your office be any different?


The reality is, we are more likely to refer friends and loved ones somewhere that looks good! It says something about us. It speaks to what you get. It makes a promise that the therapy you provide fulfills. It says you know what you are doing, enough to invest in it.


Beautiful decor is an art. It takes intentionality and consideration. 


Often we don't have a good idea of what our office needs, much less how to make it happen. 


I can't wait to help you make sense of your space, either for the first time, for a re-design, or due to expansion.


Either way, I'm your gal! I look forward to working with you. 

Let Our Experience Work For You

You want your space to look and feel like what your clients seek... peace. Let me help you make that desire a reality.

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