Max Ziegenhagen
Husband, father, therapist, artist, designer, avid swimmer, and firm believer in things being beautiful.

I love what I do. Both as a therapist and a graphic designer.

I chose to work in the mental health field because I firmly believe in the importance of our profession. I also have come to believe that the way things look matters. 

I knew right away that I wanted to be in private practice. I wanted to do my own thing and have direction and purpose of my own choosing. I wanted to help people the way I was made to!


What I did not know was how important all the other stuff was. By other stuff I mean business knowledge, sales experience, finance administration, marketing expertise, design skills, web development, etc. 

In my case, I had a lot of experience in other industry sectors, which provided me the opportunity to learn marketing, sales, and design. This along with my wife's understanding of finance, and her abilities as an interior decorator, put us in the position to succeed. 

I quickly began to realize how limited these skills are in our field. 

So, as the helpers we are, Chelsea and I began to ask where help was most needed. 

We found out pretty quickly that there are a number of people helping on the marketing, business dev side of things, but DESIGN was a confusing, often misunderstood part of the picture of private practice success. 

So we started The Branded Practice. We let our experience work for you. We've developed a method of coming alongside new, existing, or expanding practices to provide holistic and comprehensive design services. 

As a graphic designer and therapist, I am well equipped to help you brand your practice. I am collaborative, skilled, and timely in what I can provide. I understand the financial side of our industry, and recognize that we cannot always afford the same prices that other small business's throw at the design problem. 

I will work with you to create something authentically yours, that represents your practice and makes a promise that your service will ultimately fulfill. 

Let's brand your practice!

Let My Experience Work For You

Let someone with experience to help you make sense of your stuff. I can't wait to use design to take your practice to the next level. Let's work together to make a logo and website you are proud of a reality. 

© 2018 By The Branded Practice - Created by Max & Chelsea Ziegenhagen

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