What is a Logo and Why Does it Matter?

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

The Mental Health Community has often underestimated the impact of a good logo. A logo is a powerful design tool to increase brand recognition, develop emotional connection to your practice, and create a favorable first impression.

Why Talk About Logos?

Many of us seem to be confused on the importance of a good logo. So, I thought it helpful to clear the air and provide some direction on the subject.

Why is there confusion about this? I ask because I simply do not hear the same confusion coming from the rest of the entrepreneurial/ small business world.

Well, I think the answer is simple in our case. We in the mental health community often do not understand marketing and advertising, and our practices are sometimes suffering the consequences.

Before we dive into the specifics, let me make something clear. A logo is a powerful design tool to increase brand recognition, develop emotional connection to your practice, and create a favorable first impression, but there is no substitute for excellent therapy. No matter what you decide to employ in your marketing arsenal, of primary importance is taking the time to develop and enhance your skills as a therapist. A logo will make a promise of professionalism, clarity, and excellence if done well, so we must start by living up to the promise.

Now that we've got that cleared up, let's talk logos!

What is A Logo?

The purpose of a logo is to identify.

It is not just a shape that a business puts on everything it does; it is an object that performs a function. It's main function is to represent your practice's values, attract the desired audience, and help compete for attention in your area of influence.

In a time where we compete with our ideal client's shortened attention span, a logo can quickly grab his or her attention. More and more, potential clients are making judgments about a therapeutic fit based on your practice's appearance as much as by what you do.

Counseling Logo on Business Card


The more simplistic a Logo, the more likely it is to be memorable. The benefit of a clear, identifiable image that represents your practice can not be underestimated. I can help you create a image that promises what your service will fulfill. Check out www.thebrandedpractice.com

Why Does A Logo Matter?

1.) It Impacts First Impressions.

Your logo is the face of your practice, and as they say, “You only have one chance to create a first impression.”

Do you want your business name rendered in plain text rather than an eye-catching design? What do you want to be identified by? How to you want to be viewed as people come across your stuff?

You probably want your potential clients thinking that you know what you are doing and what you are about.

A logo is a great way to make an impression on your potential clients right from the beginning. They’ll have ages to know you better in the future. In the beginning, having a logo says a lot about your practice, and draws potential clients in.

2.) It Influences Emotional Connection.

Visualize all the most famous logos. How do they make you feel? Logos are often the first thing that builds the emotional connection you’ve got with your favorite brands.

Consider this data from Marketing and Entrepreneurship:

  • 80% percent of consumers think that colors boost brand recognition.

  • 93% of purchasing decisions are made based on visual perceptions.

This is why your practice needs a logo that’s specially designed to draw a positive reaction from potential clients. It is also valuable as current or past clients make referrals. People want to be associated with something valuable. If your practice has solid professional design, it boosts desire to refer.

When clients connect with your logo, they’re unlikely to forget your practice. And if they’ve got good memories of your appearance, they’re more likely to buy in to the value of your services. Again, design is the promise your service fulfills.

On the other hand, if your logo is poorly designed, this can create an immediate bad impression of who you are as a therapist. As was mentioned, you get one chance to create a good first impression. Do not undervalue that.

3.) It Sets Your Practice Apart From The Competition.

The fact is, there are other therapists working where you work, who do something similar to what you do, for the same ideal/potential client you hope to work with.

So how can stand out from your competitors? Well, a logo is one effective tool that will help you do that from the very beginning.

You only have so many chances to prove yourself. A logo represents your practice visually and is a strong way to leave an impression and foster your brand identity.

A logo shows your potential clients that you care about them and want to be the best in your area. If well designed, it can show that you are successful, capable, and able to help them. It can make the promise of a job well done, which your service can satisfy!

4.) It Gives Potential Clients Opportunity To Get To Know Your Personality.

Lastly, a well designed logo can serve as a springboard towards getting to know you before a potential client even reads what you've got to say. It can draw a potential client into the value proposition you present.

If your logo is sleek and modern, it suggests that you do things on trend, and can help you immediately relate to clients who prefer a modern approach. If your logo is elegant and timeless, it makes the claim that you can work with most anyone, and that people from all generations can connect with you. You get the idea!

What is The Goal?

Rather than simply blending in with the crowd or going with current trends, our goal ought to be to have an identifying image that is both clear and boosts brand recognition. We in the mental health field ought to have well designed stuff! We ought to communicate with excellence across the board, and that includes design.

A logo is not your brand; it is a symbol, an identifier. It is the face of your practice. Let someone help you create a professionally crafted and skillful design that identifies what you do well!

It is worth the investment.

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