You cannot underestimate the value of clarity and direction. We can provide you with both. 

You have arrived!

It's time to get direction, clarity, and focus so you can make sense of what you've got. 

Here at The Branded Practice, Chelsea and I will take a look at your stuff and give you direction!

We will tell you the pros and cons, and won't hold back on giving you CLEAR and ACTIONABLE info. 


We know design is an act of communication, so we'll help you understand what your's is saying!

We will tell you:

  • What's working for and what you should emphasize

  • What's your most pressing need and where to spend your time. 

  • What's not necessary and hindering your conversion rate. 

  • What's in need of greater clarity. 

  • What's a reasonable timeline and budget to make needed changes. 

  • Where we can help!

Let our experience work for you!


We can give direction to it all or something specific - You choose!

Learn more about each below!

Full Brand & Visual Presence Review

Comprehensive Website Review

Holistic Office Space Review

Make Sense of Your Stuff

Here is an in-depth look at the options we offer. If you have a specific question about what you are hoping for, send us a message and we will get back to you within 24hrs! 

Full Brand & Visual Presence Review

A review of your branding (how you present your self, your office space, your website, your logo, your business name, etc) in order to provide direction and clarity. 

We use a 20 question questionnaire that we created to make sense of your stuff, along with pictures of your office, links to your web presence, examples of marketing material, etc.


After we get the questionnaire back, we will set up a 30 min video call where we will go over the basics of what we reviewed. We will also provide you with a comprehensive guide to the information we go over! Let's make sense of your stuff!

Best for start up practices or practices in any stage of growth or transition (expansion, niche shift, branching out to passive income, etc). 



Comprehensive Website Review

Review starts with a 10 question questionnaire and request of links to your current web presence. 

After taking a look through everything, we take note of what is working well and what could be improved, compile the info into a visually appealing write up, and set up a video call to discuss. 

Our goal is to provide you with direction and clarity. We want you to be able to make sense of what you currently have in order to make the best use of it! 

Best for anyone who does not feel fully confident in what their website is doing for them! 



Holistic Office Space Review

Chelsea will request a few specific pictures of your office space along with a quick 6 question questionnaire to review how your office space is working for you. 

Your office is one of your most tangible interventions. It is where the conversation and subsequent healing takes place. It is where you and your clients spend time working towards a life well lived. 

The information you need from us is neatly compiled for you after a phone conference with Chelsea.

See how your space is working for you!

Best for those of us who had to set our office up in a hurry, who want to create a new feel, or who just want to make sense of their office from a designers perspective. 



Let The Review Begin!

You cannot underestimate the value of clarity and direction. We can provide that for you. 

Let our experience work for you!

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